Countries worked in: Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Ukraine, Hungary, Belgium.


“The Elephant Man” 2 part Drama Director: Richard Laxton Production Company: New Pictures

" Mrs. Wilson" 3 part drama                   Director: Richard Laxton                          Production Company: Snowed In Productions

Nominated for a “British Film Designer’s Guild” Award

" Little Women" , 3 part drama              Director: Vanessa Caswill                        Production Company: Playground for BBC & PBS.

“I Kill Giants”   Feature film                   Director: Anders Walter                            Producers: Kim Magnusson, Kyle Franke, Chris Columbus,Michael                                                                                                                                           Barnathan. Martin Metz.

“The Moorside”  2 part Drama, BBC     Director: Paul Whittington                        Producer: Jeff Pope, Ken Horn

“JERICHO”   6 part drama                      Directors: Paul Whittington, Producer: Lisa Osborne, Angie Daniel, ITV Studios

Robbie Mc Killop, David Moore

“ Happy Valley” Series 1                        Directors: Euros Lynn, Producer: Karen Lewis, Red Productions for BBC 1.

Sally Wainwright, Tim Fywell.

“Quirke”                                                  Directors: John Alexander,

3 x1 1/2 hour BBC Dramas Jim O’ Hanlon, Diarmuid  Lawrence Producer : Lisa Osborne, Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe

“The Lady Vanishes”                             Director: Diarmuid Lawrence                   Producer :Annie Tricklebank, BBC

“13 Steps Down”                                    Director Marek Losey                               Production Company: Parallel Films for ITV

‘Vera’ Series 2                                         Directors: Peter Hoar, Producer: Elaine Collins for ITV

Paul Whittington, Julian Holmes, Ed Bazalgette

The Silence                                           Director: Dearbhla Walsh                           Production Company: Company Pictures, Element Pictures for BBC1

(Nominated for IFTA Award for Production Design 2010)

The Take   4 part Drama                        Director: David Drury                                 Production Company:Company Pictures, Element Pictures for

SKY TV (Nominated for IFTA Award for Production Design 2009)

Raw ( Series 1)                                      Director: Kieron Walshe                             Production Company: Octagon Films / Ecosse films for RTE

The Door                                                Director: Juanita Wilson                             Producer :Louise Curran, James Flynn

 (Oscar nominated 2010-Best Live Action Short Film.

Zonad   ( Feature Film)                          Director: John Carney                                Production Company: Element Pictures 

Basket Case   Short Film                      Director: Owen O’ Neill                              Production Company: BlinderFilms

No Laughing Matter  , TV Film            Director: Nick Renton                                Production Company: Element Pictures for RTE

Prosperity. 4 part Drama                      Director: Lenny Abrahamson                    Production Company: Element Pictures for RTE

He Shoots , He scores                        Director: John Moore                                 Production Company: Clingfilms




Albert Nobbs                                     Supervising Art Director

Feature Film                                        Designer : Patrizia Von Brandenstein

(2011)                                                   Director: Rodrigo Garcia, Production Company: Mockingbird Pictures, Parallel Film Productions

P.S. I Love You                                   Art Director , Ireland

Feature Film                                        Designer: Shepherd Frankel

(2006)                                                 Director: Richard Lagravenese, 

                                                            Production Company: Octagon Films, Wendy Finerman Productions, Alcon Entertainment

 Kitchen                                              Art Director

TV Drama                                           Designer: Dave Arrowsmith

(2006)                                                 Director: Kieron J. Walsh

 The Honeymooners                         Art Director

Feature Film                                        Designer: Charles Wood

(2004)                                                 Director: John Schultz, Production: Paramount Pictures, Deep River.

 Laws of Attraction                           Art Director

Feature Film                                        Production Designer: Charles Wood

( 2003)                                                Director: Peter Howitt

                                                            Production: Deep River Productions, Intermedia.

 The Great Ceili War                         Set Decorator

Feature Film (Isle of Mann)               Production Designer: Tom Mc Cullagh

(2002)                                                 Director: john Irvin

Intermission                                       Art Director

Feature Film                                       Production Designer: Tom Conroy

(2002)                                              Director : John Crowley, Production Company: Parallel Films

Mystics                                                Art Director

Feature Film                                        Production Designer: Anna Rackard

(2002)                                                  Director: David Blair

 In America                                          Art Director

Feature Film                                        Production Designer: Mark Geraghty

(2001)                                                   Director: Jim Sheridan , Production Company: Hell’s Kitchen/ Fox Searchlight


The Escapist                                       Set Decorator

Feature Film                                        Production Designer: Andy Harris

(2001)                                                   Director: Gillies Mc Kinnon


Rebel Heart                                        Set Decorator

4 part BBC Drama                               Production Designer: Tom Mc Cullagh

(2000)                                                  Director : John Strickland


Limo Man (not complete)                  Art Director

Feature Film                                        Production Designer: Fiona Daly

(2000)                                                  Director: Barry Devlin


When Brendan Met Trudy                 Art Director

Feature Film                                         Production Designer: Fiona Daly

(1999)                                                    Director: Kieron J.Walsh

                                                              Production Company: Collins Avenue Films


About Adam                                       Art Director

Feature Film                                        Production Designer: Fiona Daly

(1999)                                                   Director: Gerry Stembridge

                                                             Production Company: Exchequer Films


History is Made at Night                  Graphic Designer

(Helsinki, Finland)                              Production Designer: Zoe Macleod

Feature Film                                       Production Company: Scala Films

(1998)                                                  Director: Ilkka Jarvi-Laturi


The Last September                         Asst. Art Director /Stand - by

Feature Film                                       Production Designer: Caroline Amies

(1998)                                                  Director : Deboragh Warner

Production Company: Scala Films/ Thunder Films


Mad About Mambo                          Art Director

Feature Film                                      Production Designer: Fiona Daly

(1998)                                                 Director: John Forte                                                   


Sparrow’s Trap                                  Art Director

Feature Film                                       Production Designer: Fiona Daly

(1998)                                                  Production Company: Pennyrush Films


Banjaxed                                            Assistant Art Director

Feature (not complete)                      Production Designer: Zoe Macleod

(1997)                                                   Director: Declan Lowney


The Boxer                                            Assistant Art Director

Feature Film                                         Production Designer : Brian Morris

(1997)                                                    Production Company: Universal Films / Hells Kitchen

                                                              Director: Jim Sheridan


Bloodlines, Legacy of a Lord              Art Director

TV Film                                                  Production Designer: Bryce Walmsley

(1996)                                                     Director : Brian Grant


The Butcher Boy                                 Assistant Art Director

Feature Film                                         Production Designer: Tony Pratt

(1996)                                                    Director: Neil Jordan, Production Company: Warner Brothers


The Bells of Hell                                   Assistant Art Director

Feature Film ( not complete)                Production Designer : Michael Pickwoad

(1996)                                                     Director: Peter Sheridan ,Production Company: Hell’s Kitchen


A Further Gesture                               Assistant Art Director

Feature Film                                         Production Designer : Tom Mc Cullagh

(1995)                                                    Production Company : Samson Films

                                                              Director: Robert Dornhelm


Divine Rapture                                     Assistant Art Director

Feature ( not complete)                        Production Designer :  Jamie Leonard

(1995)                                                     Director: Thom Eberhardt


Moll Flanders                                      Assistant Art Director

Feature Film                                        Production Designer : Caroline Hanania

(1995)                                                   Director: Pen Densham ,Production Company : Trilogy Entertainment


The Governor                                     Trainee Art Director/ stand-by

TV Drama                                            Production Designer: Keith Wilson

(1994)                                                   Production Company: La Plante Productions / Samson Films


Hochzeitsreisen                                  Assistant Art Director

TV drama                                             Production Designer: Fiona Daly

(1994)                                                   Production Company: Littlebird / NDF / ZDF


Fair City                                              Assistant Designer

TV Soap (1992-1993)                          RTE Production



 Sky Broadband “ Float”   (2018)         Production Company: Academy Films Director: Walter Stern

“ Bank Of Ireland”  (2018)                           Production Company: Speers Director: Tom Merillion

“ Jameson Whiskey” (2017)                         Production Company: MJZ, Pull the Trigger Director: Matthijs Van Heijninger

 “SPAR” (2017)                                     Production Company: Red Rage Director: Brian Durnin

 “Tesco” Easter Eggs   (2017)                    Production Company: The Sweetshop Films/ Red Rage. Director: Louis Sutherland

“Sky Sports” GAA   (2017)                           Production Company: Believe Media, Big Fish Directors: Michel & Nico

“Expressway”  ( 2016)                                  Production Company: Russell Curran            Director: John Moore

“Bose” headphones   (2016)                       Production Company: Pull The Trigger           Director : Phillip Montgomery

“Denny”      (2016)                                        Production Company: Russell Curran             Director: Stevie Russell

Ulster Bank  (2015)                                      Production Company: Pull the Trigger             Director: Phillip Montgomery

Guinness, The Gathering (2015)                 Production Company: Anonymous, Pull the Trigger            Director: Phillip Montgomery       

Aldi, Christmas       (2014)                            Production Company: Speers                          Director: David Hartley

Aldi, Swap and Save 2015                          Production Company: Speers                          Director: David Hartley

Bank of Ireland   (2014)                               Production Company: Speers                          Director: Tom Merillion

Dunnes   (2014)                                           Production Company: H2 Films                        Director: Rob Payton

EBS   (2014)                                                 Production Company: This is Butter                Director: Lorcan Finnegan

Irish Life     (2014)                                        Production Company: Red Rage films             Director: Brian Durnin

Aldi Leaflet    (2014)                                     Production Company: Speers Films                Director Tom Merillion

Supervalue     (2013)                                  Production Company: Red Rage Films Director: Brian O’ Malley

Moy Park       (2013)                                     Production Company: Pulse/ Blinder Director: Johnny Hopkins

Tesco     (2013)                                            Production Company: Blinder TV Director: Ritchie Smith 

IDA       (2013)                                              Production Company: Sweet Madia     Director: Steve Green

Bord Bia   (2012)                                  Production Company: Red Rage Director Brian Durnin

Brennan’s Bread    (2012)                          Production Company: H2 Films Director: Arni Thor Jonsson

Alzheimers           (2012)                            Production Company: Red Rage Director: Brian Durnin

Bord Bia          (2012)                                 Production Company: Red Rage   Director: Brian Durnin

Meteor Christmas (2010)                          Production Company: Speers Films Director: Lenny Abrahamson

Danone Actimel Yogurt   (2010)              Production Company: H2 Films Director: Keith Hutchinson

An Post/ NALA     (2010)                           Production Company: Red Rage     Director: Brian Durnin

National Lottery   (2010)                           Production Company: Sweet Media      Director: Steve Green

UPC     (2010)                                            Production Company: H2 Films     Director: Johnny Maginn

98fm      (2010)                                          Production Company: Speers Films      Director: David Kerr

Lotto                                                    Director: Brian Durnin

April 2010                                           Production Company: Red Rage


 11850                                                  Director: Kieron J. Walsh

April 2010                                           Production Company: Blinder


Meteor Bill Pay                                    Director: David Hartley           

August 2009                                       Production Company: Speers Films


Littlewoods                                           Director: Carolyn Corben

August 2009                                        Production Company: Tabu films


Cadburys Snack                                   Director: David Kerr

June 2009                                            Production Company: Speers Films 


Meteor                                                   Director: Lenny Abrahamson

June 2009                                            Production Company: Speers Films


Bulmers/ Magners                               Director: Damien O’ Donnell

April 2009                                            Production Company: Russell Curran Productions


Vodafone                                             Director: Lena Bueg

August 2008                                       Production Company: Red Rage         


Crisis Pregnancy                                 Director: Lena Bueg

August 2008                                       Production Company: Red Rage         


Kelloggs                                               Director : David Hartley

July 2008                                            Production company: Speers Films  


TG4                                                      Director: Richard Chaney

July 2008                                            Production company: Speers Films    


Bulmers/Magners                               Director: Peter Darrell

March 2007                                        Production company: Blinder 


Dairygold                                            Director : David Hartley

Oct 2006                                             Production company: Speers Films                 


Tesco                                                   Director: Damien Farrell

Aug 2006                                            Production Company: Fish Films        


Vodafone                                            Director: Tom Merilion

May 2006                                           Production Company: Speers Films


Rabo Direct                                        Director: Damien O’ Donnell

May 20006                                        Production Company: Russell Avis Productions          


Moro                                                   Director: Lenny Abrahamson

April 2006                                          Production Company: Speers Films


Club Energise                                    Director: Nick Livesey

( March 2006)                                    Production Company: Toytown Films


Heineken Commercial                     Director : Richard Chaney

(March 2006)                                    Production Company: Speers films


Barnardos                                          Director: Lenny Abrahamson

March 2006                                      Production Company: Speers Films


Meteor                                               Director: Brian Durnin

February 2006                                 Production Company: Red Rage Films


Meteor                                               Director: Lenny Abrahamson

(November 2005)                             Production Company: Speers Films


Disprin                                              Director: Henry Holtzman

(November 2005)                            Production Company: Rocket Productions


O2                                                    Director: Rory Kelliher

(November 2005)                           Production Company: Company films


AIB- “Ryder Cup”                             Director –Enda Mc Callion

(October 2005)                                Production Company: Blinder Productions


Knorr                                                  Director: Kieron J. Walsh

(September 2005)                            Production company: Blinder Productions.


Budweiser                                            ( winner of ICAD craft award for Production Design)

( July 2005)                                         Director: Rory Kelliher

                                                            Production Company: Company films


HB                                                       Director: Damien O’ Donnell

(May 2005)                                         Production Company: Russell Avis Productions


AIB                                                        Director: Richie Smyth

(Jan 2005)                                           Production Company: Blinder Productions


Mc Donalds                                         Director: Chris Roche

(2004)                                                  Production Company: Nomad Productions


“The Corrs”  - Angel                            Director: Nigel Dick

Music Video (2004)                             Production Company: Nomad Productions


Club Energise                                       Director: Nick Livesey

(2004)                                                   Production Company: Ridley Scott Advertising/ Toytown


Horse Racing Ireland                           Director: Kieron J. Walsh

(2004)                                                   Production Company: Nomad Productions


Cadbury Snacks x 3                              Director: Kieron J.Walsh

(2004)                                                    Production Company: Nomad Productions


Heineken Commercials x 2                  Production Company: Nomad Productions

 ( 2003)                                                   Director: Conor Horgan                                                          


Golden Cow Commercial                     Production Company : Nomad Productions

2003                                                      Director: Kieron J. Walsh


Bailey’s Commercial                             Director: Brian Durnin

Stings for Friends Sit. Com. (2001)      Production company: Red Rage Films


Baileys Commercial                              Production company: Nomad Productions

(2000)                                                    Director : Conor Horgan


Meteor Commercials x 2                      Production Company: Nomad Productions

2000                                                      Director: Kieran J. Walsh


Runaway by “The Corrs”                     Designer

Music Video    (1995)                           Production Company : Dreamchaser


Take it Easy on Me by “A House”       Co - Designer

Music Video                                         Production Company : Clingfilms


I Don’t Care by “A House”                  Art Director

Music Video                                        Production Company : Clingfilms